Weight Loss and Wellness Plan

Mean Nurse LogoYes, I have a weight loss plan that is fast, easy and proven. Weight really does MELT off. There are no gimmicks, no shakes, no little packs of pills. I researched and developed the plan over years. I took food down to its biochemistry level and learned how it affected our bodies. Then I tested it out on myself and my teenage daughter. She went from a size 12/14 to a 3/5. I’ve lost 4 dress sizes. A male friend of mine who has only “sort of” done the plan lost 24 pounds in six weeks. A female first responder lost 17 pounds in three weeks. It works. It’s easy. You can still have your Taco Bell or whatever, just less often. You can still have your favorite ooey gooey dessert, just less often and maybe better made. AND you have to cook. And I show you how fast and easy that is because God knows I can’t stand to be in the kitchen any longer than 15 or 20 minutes. I just don’t have more time than that.

Oh and if you think this plan will require a ton of time working out? BANISH THE THOUGHT! I DETEST working out. I don’t like to sweat and smell. I did yoga about three or four times a week. You can do whatever you want to do. I don’t care what it is, but ya gotta do something! Yoga fit me and my daughter. She’s got flippin’ dancer’s legs now. Yoga gets my heart rate up. Don’t believe me? You try it. If you don’t hit your target heart rate you must be doing the calm gentle yoga. Try some Vinyasa or Bikram. That’ll get ya going. Yoga also helps clean out your body. It will squeeze your kidneys, liver and intestines and eliminate gunk. Wait ’til you see those results in your toilet bowl! You’ll be disgusted, BUT understand your lethargy, muddled mind, and difficulty in losing weight and feeling healthy. Just trust the Mean Nurse and do one key pose that’s in the plan. It’s easy peasy.

AND the VERY BEST THING ABOUT THE PLAN????  It is customized for you. I send you a questionnaire and take into account your goals, your health challenges (if any, i.e. diabetes, arthritis, chronic migraines, etc.) and tweak the plan the way you need it. I also take into account the medications you’re on. What other plan does that? This is not a one size fits all plan, that would be idiotic.

Want more information? Contact me at themeanrn@gmail.com You get the plan, a week of free coaching so you can ask questions or we can make changes to it to better suit you, and a free recipe for my favorite ooey gooey chocolate cake which makes ONE serving. My daughter and I had this once a week for months and the weight still melted off both of us. If you don’t like chocolate, ask me for the peanut butter cookie in a mug, it’s just as awesome.



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