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Accident Schmackcident, I’d Have to Eat Hospital Food

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

So yesterday I almost ended up in the hospital twice. The first time I was on my way to a friend’s house to pick up some stuff I needed for a cookout, and when I turned onto his street, a car nearly t-boned my passenger front side door. Luckily there was a side street that I was able to swerve around him. (Must have been deaf to my numerous honks that he was about to hit me.) The second time was last night with a raging migraine that took me four hours to stop the pain long enough for me to be able to sleep, and there were several times that I almost called the squad. Both times something that was playing in the back of my mind was who would bring food to me if I had to stay in the hospital? Ridiculous, right? Not really. Especially when the migraine… the severe, heading pounding, vision altering migraine that had me contorting myself every which way because certain positions can alleviate the severest of pain……. was triggered by processed food. Wish I were kidding.

I hadn’t had an aura that usually warns me of a migraine. I did earlier in the day, however, have a quick episode of a chemically-induced head pain when I bit into a piece of banana bread that had been prepared from a boxed mix (not mine). The pain was sharp, severe, but over in about 10 minutes with a lot of head massaging by me. No pain killers needed. Then late in the evening my dear daughter invited me to stop by the place where she was house sitting because she’d made peanut butter cookies. She’d also made cookies from a packaged dough that the homeowner had in the fridge. I only buy non-GMO peanut butter and never eat package dough, but my dear daughter had made them, so of course, I ate one of each. Within 15 minutes my head exploded in pain. From 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. I battled with the pain. I’d get 1-2 minutes of pain relief before it came thundering back. I sobbed, I writhed, I begged God to please take the pain away. I tried to think of what caused the migraine. Usually the barometric pressure — nope that was fine. Lack of sleep?– nope I was good there too. Had I eaten? — well, yeah, I’d hadĀ a home-cooked, organicĀ dinner and there were…. those….. uh oh…. cookies. Shit. Why did I do that? And seriously? Two cookies would do this to me? Then I remembered the incident earlier in the day where one bite of a processed food had me spiraling into brief agony. For four hours as I ate medications like they were Tic Tacs, and struggled with the decision of whether or not to call EMS, I thought of what might happen when I got there and further, what might happen if I had to stay. With as sensitive as I obviously was to something in processed food, I’d be on a continuous cycle of meds, pain, more meds, more pain.

I decided that I wasn’t going. I could do more meds at home and slowly whatever I’d poisoned my body with would be eliminated from my system as long as I didn’t continue to eat more of it.

If the chemicals in processed food cause ME this many problems and this much pain, what might they be doing to you? If I can drop “umpteen” dress sizes on the Mean Nurse Plan I developed whereby I took 90% of the processed foods OUT of my diet and am still losing, how many pounds are those foods keeping on you? Only you know the answer to those questions.


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About The Mean Nurse RN BSN

I am a writer and registered nurse with a bachelors in nursing from Kent State. I have studied food and its biochemical makeup for over 25 years. I am very passionate about life, wellness, writing and my daughter. I've lived out most of my personal and professional dreams, which have taken me across the country and the ocean. Google my name to find out more about me and all the links to my work, or simply send me an email. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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