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Walk this Way…

English: Workout room.

I know it’s been awhile. I took time out to get involved in local theatre, see lots of productions, get my daughter on track to visit colleges, start my graduate degree application and generally just learn to relax a bit more.

Now that that’s handled, it’s time to be mean again. Well, I’ll ease into it anyway… I’m still all relaxed and mellow from a nice summer. But don’t expect it to last, my lovelies!

Let’s start with EXERCISE. Do you hate the word as much as I do? Yeah, probably. That’s why I keep a pedal thingy under my desk, so I’m always working without realizing it. BUT, if you don’t have one of those thingys, you can still walk.

When Christmas decorations start showing up in the stores, it’s time to get proactive about those holidays pounds that will surely creep up on you because God only knows that next month begins the feasting, and the easiest workout to keep the pounds off is walking. You’ve been doing it all your life, so you’re already an expert. Think of it that way.


It’s also the least expensive workout you can do, and the following links teach you how to do it better.

I like the easy, breezy tone, of this first one, and I’ll be incorporating some of the ideas into my walking routine.


For this next one, I’ve done the walking/jogging backwards thing and even the side gallops – note, start slowly with the side gallops until your feet get comfortable with the movement. But, this video take treadmill walking to a whole new level and it_is_awesome!

Bookmark this site to watch on your phone or tablet the next time you’re at the gym! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/08/treadmill-whole-body_n_4039718.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living

You’re going to be walking later today anyway, or even in a minute or two…. so take a longer one. Add a few minutes to it. See? You’re already working out.


About The Mean Nurse RN BSN

I am a writer and registered nurse with a bachelors in nursing from Kent State. I have studied food and its biochemical makeup for over 25 years. I am very passionate about life, wellness, writing and my daughter. I've lived out most of my personal and professional dreams, which have taken me across the country and the ocean. Google my name to find out more about me and all the links to my work, or simply send me an email. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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