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Myth Busting: Colds, Flu and Weather

Whenever I hear “the cold weather doesn’t make you sick, only germs make you sick,” it makes me a little crazy. The cold, wind, rain and snowy weather will absolutely, unequivocally make you sick. Germs make you sick too, but the cold will tear down your immune system so the germs can take hold. Personally, I’d rather my immune system only have to do battle with the germ. When your immune system is operating at full tilt, you have a good chance of fending off any mucky germ chasing you. But get a full face of blustery winds and cold and KA-BOOM, your immune system takes a hit because your body’s other defenses take energy away from the immune system. 

Why? Well, one to keep your warm. Your body strives to maintain homeostasis, which is a constant state of wellness and balance, roughly speaking. When an outside force upsets the balance, like your body temperature, your body wants to regain that warmth and comfort. It takes energy from other body processes to do so. So those wonderful vitamins and minerals you take everyday to bolster your immune system will be used instead to get your body temperature back to normal. 

So, yes, the cold can definitely make you sick. Maybe not directly, but it will definitely factor in and contribute to your illness. Bottom line: do as your mom always said, “bundle up, wear a sweater, take an umbrella!”



About The Mean Nurse RN BSN

I am a writer and registered nurse with a bachelors in nursing from Kent State. I have studied food and its biochemical makeup for over 25 years. I am very passionate about life, wellness, writing and my daughter. I've lived out most of my personal and professional dreams, which have taken me across the country and the ocean. Google my name to find out more about me and all the links to my work, or simply send me an email. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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